March 25, 2024

Optimum Partners and Al-Ahliyya Amman University Forge Partnership to Enhance Education and Practical Skills in IT

Optimum Partners, a leading provider of innovative IT solutions, and Al-Ahliyya Amman University (AAU), Jordan's oldest private university, have signed an agreement aimed at strengthening the bond between education and practice in the field of information technology.

The agreement, signed on March 24, grants Optimum Partners the exclusive role of training pre-graduate students from AAU's IT faculty for internship requirement training as part of their study path. Under the terms of the agreement, AAU will enroll a minimum of 40 students per semester in the program, which will be renewed annually.

Commenting on the partnership, Marco Gorin, co-founder and CEO of Optimum Partners said, "It's crucial to bridge the gap between academia and industry in the field of IT. By providing hands-on training to students, we aim to equip them with the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workforce. As an international company, one of our goals is to promote diversity and provide opportunities for youth from various countries worldwide, creating a unique community of talented individuals with high professional and human qualities. This fosters a collaborative environment from a young age and enables us to shape the future today."

Optimum Partners, renowned for its commitment to reshaping skills and enhancing practical learning experiences, has already made significant strides in the education sector. With a focus on three key areas — structured thinking, frontend development skills, and real-life project experience — Optimum Partners has implemented successful initiatives since 2018, trained and deployed over 60 Software Engineers to date as part of its vocational courses on top of the 100’s of engineers developed and formed on the job from junior level to mid-level and senior-level, showcasing the effectiveness of hands-on learning alongside experts in the field.

Optimum Partners introduced the Coach
Carter program now called Coding Masters
In 2021, aimed at formalizing training and recruitment processes. By early 2023, OP further refined the program to meet market demands, resulting in the successful hiring of trainees (over 40%), with a notable focus on female representation (over 17%).

Eayd Hammoudeh, co-founder and COO of Optimum Partners added, "This partnership reaffirms our commitment to supporting education and nurturing talent in the IT sector. We believe that by working closely with academic institutions like AAU, we can contribute to the development of a skilled workforce for the future. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, I recognize the importance of students and universities being directly connected to the tech industry. From our perspective, it's crucial for us to be a very first choice for students, allowing them to understand the unique opportunities available to them. We see ourselves playing a significant role in shaping their future careers. It's worth noting that this is a debut project for AAU, and we are grateful for the trust placed in us as a company.”

The forthcoming launch of the third batch of Coding Masters in Jordan, with a particular emphasis on female candidates, underscores OP’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Furthermore, the upcoming initiation of the Coding Masters program in Armenia in 2024 marks a significant milestone, as Optimum Partners expands its reach to nurture talent globally, shaping the future of IT education.

Dr. Anas Alsoud at AAU, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "As Jordan's oldest private university, founded in 1989, we are committed to achieving a distinguished position among higher education institutions in Jordan and the MENA region. We chose to partner with Optimum Partners due to their outstanding reputation and relevance in the industry. Our vision is centered on partnership, accountability, compassion, excellence, effectiveness, and inclusiveness, and we are glad to find the optimal partner for this project.”

Amer Hamdan, Architect of the collaboration and Director Talent Acquisition & Strategic Partnerships at Optimum Partners, emphasized the company's unique methodologies and approaches to student training. "We employ distinctive techniques to not only impart foundational IT knowledge but also cultivate communication skills within an international company with a strong corporate culture and values. This lays essential groundwork for students' professional development.”

Under the terms of the agreement, interns will attend training sessions at Optimum Partner's office in Jordan according to a schedule determined by the company. Subject to demand, OP will have the opportunity to hire the best performers and collaborate with AAU's IT faculty to enhance the outcome of the bachelor's program, incorporating new technologies based on market demand.

Following the signing of the agreement, both parties will hold several meetings to finalize logistics and technical details, with the aim of ensuring a smooth implementation of the program.

Looking ahead, Optimum Partners continues its dedication to empowering talent in the tech industry.

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