February 12, 2019

Optimum Partners DWC LLC, Forbes and Radical Security Host Cybersecurity Event in NYC

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated - presenting increasing challenges in accurately detecting intrusions.

Failure to prevent the intrusions could degrade the credibility of security services, such as confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Today Optimum Partners DWC LLC, Forbes and Radical Security announced the “Incident Management & Cybersecurity in the New Decade” event, taking place February 25, 2020, in NYC. This invite-only cybersecurity event will cover topics such as how to stay on task on protecting the organization during a crisis, as well as endpoint security in the age of remote workers and telecommuters.

It is a privilege to be part of such a knowledgeable group of leaders coming together to share critical insights on cybersecurity and tech topics. As a business we are focused on our growth, as well as the progress of our industry. Optimum Partners have come a long way in providing Jordanian tech talent to clients around the world and this event will continue on our trajectory to success. MARCO GORIN, Co-Founder & CEO Optimum Partners

This event is organized by leading IT Services provider Optimum Partners DWC LLC in association with Forbes and cybersecurity firm Radical Security and includes panels composed by industry leaders.

“Forbes is a trusted voice on cybersecurity, covering topics related to privacy, data, IT and security,” said Vadim Supitskiy, CTO at Forbes. “Going into the new decade, it is critical for tech leaders to stay ahead of the growing threats and evolving cybersecurity ecosystem. By convening this event, we’re arming top tech leaders with information on how to best prevent and respond to threats, and protect their organizations.”

Today's cyber-criminals are businesses with a support structure, organizational processes and a motivation to enrich themselves at your expense. Being prepared to detect, thwart and react to a cyber-attack means understanding your adversary's techniques and building your walls high-enough to deter a cyber-breach.” Paul Poh, Founder of Radical Security

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