Master the Language of Technology

Optimum Partners’ training program, Coding Masters, is an interactive and collaborative environment for equipping the next generation of tech leaders. Over four months, students will gain the foundational full-stack, people, and management skills they need to begin their careers as business-minded software developers.

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Mentorship at Optimum

Mentorship is a cornerstone of our success. We believe in cultivating a culture of learning and growth, where our most experienced team members guide and support their peers. Through programs like Coding Masters, individuals gain valuable insights, enhance their technical expertise, and develop essential soft skills, while fostering personal development and a strong sense of camaraderie.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

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Students learn basics of how the internet works and how to build for it using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and more advanced topics

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Students learn the main concepts behind app development, React, and advanced topics

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Students learn database concepts, NodeJs, .NET Core, and intros to DevOps and cloud development

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Students get tech-specific training on English, communications, workplace, teamwork, and leadership skills

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Students end each track and the whole program by applying their knowledge to a coding project



Full Stack Developer

“I joined Optimum Partners as a young intern—eager to learn, in search of an environment of growth, challenge, and a place to sharpen my skills. Jordan Coding Masters offered me that opportunity, guiding me through the first steps in my career path, to proudly contribute to the company's success.”



Full Stack Developer

"Jordan Coding Masters internship program was a great first experience in the real world after graduating from college. It bridged the gap between what I learned in college and the challenges of a real job, making it easier for me to get used to the new job life."



Full Stack Developer

"WOW, my journey was filled with  tasks, challenges,  experiences, non-stop support and mentorship, and countless 'aha' moments. It was those very challenges, along with the help of the senior engineers and leaders, that transformed me into a resilient Coding Master."

Invest in Yourself

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